Restore Normal Breathing Patterns

The Buteyko South Africa program allows you to restore your breathing patterns and offers you a way to achieve better oxygenation and reduce allergy symptoms.
You can control, manage and prevent symptoms; reduce stress; have faster recovery and better sporting performance and stamina with Buteyko's Method - which addresses the entire body holistically without the use of drugs or devices.

Published clinical trials have shown that the Russian breathing technique known as the Buteyko method, helped asthmatics to experience far fewer symptoms and maintain better control, allowing for reduction of bronchodilator (rescue medicines) usage by up to 96% and cortisone / steroid (preventer or controller) medication by up to 49%, within a year of completing the Buteyko practitioner guided program. (Cowie et al, Calgary 2008, Quote frm Radio Interview with Dr. Cowie: "The Buteyko program is an effective adjunct intervention for Asthma which allows for better control - even in uncontrolled subjects, in other words; asthmatics who had not got control of their asthma despite all the usual medical interventions available and were experiencing regular emergency room visits were able to better control symptoms and even reduce medication using the Buteyko breathing retraining techniques")

The Buteyko South Africa program does not use meditation techniques or yoga breathing, deep breathing or other forms of exercises using devices, masks and tubes.

The Buteyko South Africa program does not require you to abstain from life saving medications in order to be effective. We teach management, prevention, trigger awareness and first aid techniques along with retraining exercises that stabilize breathing in the future. These techniques can help sufferers arrest an asthma / coughing / sneezing / panic attack before it spirals out of control, can assist with regaining control over their breathing and symptoms, addresses lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep and other factors; and also make it easier to track progress and predict outcomes. In other words, Buteyko SA programs are a full self-care adjunct intervention, and can be applied to any chronic stress condition. Good Self-Care and Awareness programs are also linked to better outcomes for patients suffering with chronic illness.

The evidence that the Buteyko Method is a highly effective intervention for asthma has led to the Buteyko Method being officially recognized and rated by the British Thoracic Society in the UK, and by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in the USA, major contributors to policy and protocol regarding treatments for illness in their respective countries.

Many modern health professionals agree that the Buteyko Method is an excellent adjunct program for any person diagnosed with asthma when offered in person by a trained Buteyko Educator and coach.

The Buteyko Method is so much more than just an adjunct program for asthma. Buteyko normalizes your breathing - which in turn, normalizes your health.

Buteyko has no side effects when taught by a properly trained educator, and is safe for all ages to use.

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    Buteyko SA founder, Melody Mitchell
    offers 3 and 5 day Programs in MONTAGU, 2 hours from Cape Town.
    PHONE: +27834940661

    *Buteyko South Africa 5 day Adjunct health program runs for 2 hours per day over five consecutive days. This is highly recommended for serious illness requiring chronic medications.
    Program fees are R3950 per person.

    *Buteyko South Africa Intensive 3 day program runs for 3 hours per day over three consecutive days.
    Buteyko South Africa 3 day program fees are R2950 per person.

    Buteyko SA Associate Educators:

    Greyton / Caledon, W/Cape :
    Erika Norrie
    Glenn Norrie

    Durban City Central Area, KZN:
    Suzanne Martin

    Benoni, Gauteng:
    Leigh Sheppard

    By appointment only, please email to set up your sessions

    Are you interested in a rewarding career as a trained Buteyko South Africa Educator? Buteyko South Africa offers Educator / Practitioner training in the Buteyko Method.

    10-21 September 2018
    Ten Day training in Montagu (for existing health practitioners):
    Western Cape, client clinic observations, ongoing mentorship program, eligibility for membership of Buteyko South Africa Educator Association.
    Space limited
    Please email for more information.

    *New* Full Practitioner training:
    October 2018
    Three week training for those with no previous training in a health modality or practice. (Includes anatomy and practice management modules). Training includes client clinic observations, ongoing mentorship program, eligibility for membership of Buteyko South Africa Educator Association.

    Space Limited. Please email for more information

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