The Effective Complementary Asthma Program

Buteyko is the alternative asthma and allergy program which is clinically proven to reduce symptoms by up to seventy-two percent, making the need for other treatments virtually redundant. Buteyko is so much more than just an alternative treatment for asthma, as it helps empower people to take control of their health. Buteyko normalizes your breathing - which in turn, normalizes your health.

Published clinical trials have shown that the Russian breathing technique known as the Buteyko method, helped asthmatics to reduce their bronchodilator (asthavent / ventolin) usage by up to 96% and cortisone / steroid medication by up to 49% within a few months.
Breathing is so fundamental that your body is able to initiate a healing response throughout the entire system when the respiratory system is functioning optimally.
Buteyko is a simple technique that uses only your own breathing to control your symptoms and address the cause of your condition at the same time.

Buteyko is the only clinically trialled breath re-training method that shows consistent results through normalizing aberrant breathing rates and volumes.

Buteyko has been clinically trialled by independent doctors and researchers in Canada, Australia, Scotland, New Zealand and Russia. The Buteyko method has published peer reviewed clinical data available to show that it is safe, effective and has no side effects - when correctly undertaken.
The evidence that the Buteyko Method is a highly effective treatment for asthma has led to the Buteyko Method being officially recognised by the British Thoracic Society in the UK, and by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in the USA. Both organisations, major contributors to policy and protocol regarding treatments for illness in their respective countries, agree that the Buteyko Method is considered an effective intervention for asthma.

Buteyko has no side effects when taught by a properly trained practitioner, and is safe for all ages to use.

Buteyko is very effective with managing and identifying stress. Stress is a natural state, but without adequate rest and repair, stress can easily become distress. Because breathing is one of the first things that changes when exposed to stress, learning to have better control over your breathing will help to reduce distress, and help to settle your body into a more balanced state.

Buteyko can help to de-sensitise your system to allergy triggers. Balanced breathing increases oxygen delivery, reduces airway hyperactivity and allows for less histamine to be released. This in turn reduces inflammatory responses. Many people rely on the Buteyko method to assist with other health issues related to inflammation, such as arthritis, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain.

Buteyko can help you to sleep better. Correct balance of respiratory gases allows the system to calm as more oxygen is delivered to the brain. This also means you can enjoy better rest, fall asleep easier and feel refreshed and more energetic during your day. Buteyko is a known complementary method for sleep apnoea and is an effective natural solution to this devastating problem. Many sleep apnoea patients can manage their condition naturally using Buteyko and are able to reduce their need for CPAP machines.

Buteyko can help improve sporting performance. Correct breathing techniques will improve stamina and reduce inflammatory issues associated with lactic acid build up. Correct breathing helps to maintain a healthy pH balance, thereby reducing acidity and cramps / spasms.

Buteyko can save you money. Buteyko teaches you how to manage your breathing naturally. It uses no drugs or devices. The initial fee to undertake a Buteyko program is far less than most people will spend in a month on their chronic medications and trigger reduction therapies, and you will have a useful self-help "tool" that is free to use anytime, anywhere, in any stage of health. Several trials of the Buteyko Method showed that sufferers were able to reduce their medication significantly. With chronic medications costing so much, can you afford not to try Buteyko?


    The Buteyko Method is indicated as an effective intervention for the treatment and management of uncontrolled, medicated asthma by the British Thoracic Society which serves as an advisory board to the UK's NHS.

    Buteyko also assists with: Sleep Apnoea, Insomnia, Allergies, Unbalanced Breathing / Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome and Chronic Stress and can assist in the management of many other chronic conditions.

    Buteyko is not a "One Size Fits All method" and needs to be adjusted according to your specific needs to avoid any possibility of negative side effects.

    Where? When? How Much?

    The medically trialled five session Buteyko Program offered on a one-to-one basis as individual sessions of 1.5 to two hrs each. The program runs over five consecutive days and you need to attend a session per day to complete the program.


    The medically trialled Buteyko Program is offered for one to six people in the beautiful village of MONTAGU, just two hours drive from Cape Town.

    Buteyko South Africa Asthma program runs for 1.5-2 hours per day over five consecutive days. Program fees are R3550 per person.
    Wed 21 - Sun 25 September 2016

    Buteyko South Africa Intensive 3 day program runs for 2 hours per day over three consecutive days.
    Program fees are R2850 per person.

    Sunday 07 August - Tuesday 09 August 2016
    Sunday 25 September - Tuesday 27 September 2016

    is a 4 hour one day program designed for carers of people with respiratory difficulties. This program teaches emergency techniques to use if no rescue meds are available and a basic understanding of Buteyko breathing.
    Program fees are R1850 per person.

    One and half hour consultations to assist people who already have a basic understanding of Buteyko from completing a program or reading a book, and need some extra coaching:
    R1150 per person

    By appointment only!

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    Are you interested in a rewarding career in Buteyko? Buteyko South Africa offers training in the Buteyko Method. Please email for more information