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The Buteyko method has been clinically proven to reduce chronic uncontrolled medicated asthma symptoms by up to seventy-two percent.

But the Buteyko Method is so much more than just an adjunct program for asthma. Buteyko normalizes your breathing - which in turn, normalizes your health.

Published randomized controlled clinical trials have shown that the Russian breathing technique known as the Buteyko method, helped asthmatics to experience fewer symptoms allowing for reduction of their short acting bronchodilator (rescue medicines) usage by up to 96% and cortisone / steroid (preventer or controller) medication by up to 49% within a few months.

The Buteyko South Africa program is a system of simple breath retraining exercises that are modified to suit your specific condition. Buteyko shows you how to control, manage and prevent symptoms and addresses the entire body holistically without the use of drugs or devices.

The Buteyko South Africa program does not use meditation techniques or yoga breathing, deep breathing or other forms of exercises using devices, masks and tubes.

The Buteyko South Africa program does not require you to abstain from life saving medications in order to be effective. We teach management, prevention, trigger awareness and first aid techniques along with retraining exercises that stabilize breathing in the future.

We also give you a method of logging your progress and keeping track of symptoms. This is so important because once your symptoms are clearly under control with Buteyko and your breathing is stable, it is safe to begin the process of reducing medications accordingly with your doctors supervision.

The evidence that the Buteyko Method is a highly effective intervention for asthma has led to the Buteyko Method being officially recognized by the British Thoracic Society in the UK, and by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in the USA, major contributors to policy and protocol regarding treatments for illness in their respective countries.

Many modern health professionals agree that the Buteyko Method is an excellent adjunct program for any person diagnosed with asthma when taught by a trained practitioner.

Buteyko has no side effects when taught by a properly trained practitioner, and is safe for all ages to use.


    If you have any questions about the Buteyko Method and how it can help you, please email us today!


    Dates: 28-30 July 2-4pm each day

    Fee: R2950 pp includes all course materials and free follow ups

    SPECIAL OFFER: You may bring a support person / spouse / carer / child along at no extra cost.

    Venue:Obs Community and Recreation Centre, Cnr Collingwood Rd, opposite Spar

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    Where? When? How Much?

    The full five session Buteyko South Africa Program , which is closely aligned with the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health method,
    is offered as 5 individual sessions of 1.5 to two hours each, over five consecutive days. You will need to attend a session per day to complete the program.


    The Buteyko Program is offered for individuals and groups in the beautiful village of MONTAGU, just two hours drive from Cape Town.

    Buteyko South Africa 5 day Asthma program runs for 1.5-2 hours per day over five consecutive days. Program fees are R3650 per person.

    Buteyko South Africa Intensive 3 day program runs for 2 hours per day over three consecutive days.
    Buteyko South Africa 3 day program fees are R2950 per person.

    One and half hour consultations to assist people who already have a basic understanding of the Buteyko Method and need some extra coaching:
    R1350 per person per session.

    By appointment only, please email to set up your sessions.

    Are you interested in a rewarding career in Buteyko? Buteyko South Africa offers training in the Buteyko Method. Please email us for more information.