Natural Asthma Program

Buteyko is an adjunct health program for asthma that is proven to reduce symptoms by up to two thirds. Clinical trials of the Buteyko Method for Asthma show that patients using Buteyko are able to reduce their bronchodilator medicines by 96%, while also reducing their steroid / cortisone medications by 49%, without experiencing an increase in asthma symptoms.

What is a Buteyko Program?

The Buteyko South Africa Adjunct Asthma Program is a series of self help workshops for asthma and respiratory issues, offered as five sessions of 1.5 -2 hours each. The program shows how to self-monitor and manage your asthma, reduce triggers and reduce symptoms without the need for additional medicines, remedies, devices or herbal interventions and offers you free follow up support should you require it.

Will My Doctor Agree To Buteyko?

Specialists who understand that Buteyko offers self-help adjunct care, usually see benefit in the Buteyko program. UK NHS studies have shown that self-care at home programs are vital for reducing emergency admissions, controlling symptoms and encouraging better awareness and self-management of chronic conditions. Studies of Buteyko Institute Method showed that Buteyko participants had a better quality of life with far less symptoms, and used less medicine over time.

Is it possible to reduce my medicine use?

Asthmatics who follow the Buteyko program discover how to stop asthma symptoms naturally, in a controlled and managed way, by modifying their breathing behaviour.

Buteyko program participants also learn how to track their progress and their symptoms so that they can understand when they are more likely to experience difficulty and plan accordingly.

Most Asthmatics who have completed a five day Buteyko Adjunct Asthma program are usually able to safely reduce medicine use over time with their doctors consent and monitoring, BUT ONLY as their symptoms improve!

Buteyko helps asthmatics become more aware of their breathing and their stress, and offers sound "tools" and techniques for overcoming attacks and reducing stress by helping asthmatics to Normalize their breathing behaviour and retrain breathing patterns back to normal.

Please Note:
Asthma medicine can be life saving. You should never stop taking any prescribed medicines before starting a Buteyko program.
Stopping medicine suddenly can lead to increased asthma symptoms and any prescribed medication should only be adjusted with your doctor's consent.
In many cases, asthmatics have "switched" to alternatives or reduced their medications without informing their asthma doctor, which may be responsible for sudden asthma emergencies.
Buteyko practitioners and Educators will never ask you to abstain from life saving prescribed medications, and you do not need to "wean off medicine" for the Buteyko techniques to work.

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    *Buteyko South Africa 5 day Adjunct health program runs for 2 hours per day over five consecutive days. This is highly recommended for serious illness requiring chronic medications.
    *Buteyko South Africa Intensive 3 day program runs for 2 hours per day over three consecutive days

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    MONTAGU, (180km from Cape Town, near Robertson on R62).
    Buteyko SA founder:
    Melody Mitchell

    VILLIERSDORP: (2 hours from Cape Town, near Caledon via N2)
    Buteyko SA Educator:
    Erika Norrie
    Buteyko SA Associate Educator:
    Glenn Norrie

    STILBAAI: (2.5 Hrs from CT via N2)
    Buteyko SA Associate Educator:
    Laetitia Duminy

    BBA Educator and Buteyko SA Affiliate Educator
    Bea Coetzee

    By appointment only, please email to set up your personal assessment and tailored sessions

    Are you interested in a rewarding career as a trained Buteyko South Africa Educator? Buteyko South Africa offers Educator / Practitioner training in the Buteyko Method.

    May 2024
    Ten Day training in Montagu (for existing health practitioners):
    50 hour on site training course
    10 hrs observation
    3 years Mentorship
    membership of Buteyko South Africa Educator Association
    Additional CPD training annually
    Space limited
    Please email for more information.

    Melody Mitchell is available to speak at workplace health days, conferences or other wellness related events. Btwn R990 and R1990/hr or part thereof for upwards of five people..

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