How Does Buteyko Work?

Imagine needing less and less asthma medicine over time, instead of more? With the Buteyko method this can be your new reality.

Clinical trials showed that uncontrolled medicated asthmatics who completed the five day Buteyko Program reduced their asthma symptoms by up to two thirds.
This in turn, allowed them to drastically reduce the need for symptomatic relief and preventer medications.

Professor Buteyko's discovery:

The Buteyko method is a series of breathing exercises offered in a five day program that is tailored to suit the patients history.
The program was developed by Professor Konstantin Pavlovitch Buteyko in the 1950's.
The Buteyko Method (as it has become known) was controversial as it used lesser known scientific principles to increase oxygen delivery, instead of the usual customary deep breathing practices. Buteyko's method used no yoga, deep breathing, or meditation techniques and had high success rates although it seemed as if participants were not "doing" very much.

The program was developed to normalize stressed breathing patterns due to illness and to assist with reversal of metabolic symptoms created due to imbalance in homeostatic controls. Patients who were encouraged to do the breathing retraining exercises had great results for all manner of chronic illnesses.

Professor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko's method was widely used in communist countries that could not access or afford the usual pharmaceutical health care, and only became known in the West in the early 1990s.

Professor Buteyko's interest in respiration and it's effects on overall health stemmed from observations of terminally ill patients and measuring their respiratory functions as a young medic.
He noted that people who are ill hyperventilate - or breathe more air - than people who are well, and hypothesized that if they could return the breathing pattern to normal this may have a beneficial effect.

His system of calming and normalizing the breathing had astounding results. In most cases he found that symptoms would greatly reduce or even disappear altogether due to the massive increases in oxygen and energy supply to the tissues when healthy breathing is restored.

Is there a test I can do to see if Buteyko will help me?

Click here to download a PDF symptom checklist to help determine whether you need to restore your normal breathing patterns. It sometimes helps to have someone else do the test for you - as many of us aren't always aware of how we breathe. If you scored higher than 3 points for six or more of the questions, then you can be certain that you need to address your breathing.


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    Dates: 28-30 July 2-4pm each day

    Fee: R2950 pp includes all course materials and free follow ups

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    Venue:Obs Community and Recreation Centre, Cnr Collingwood Rd, opposite Spar

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    Where? When? How Much?

    The full five session Buteyko South Africa Program , which is closely aligned with the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health method,
    is offered as 5 individual sessions of 1.5 to two hours each, over five consecutive days. You will need to attend a session per day to complete the program.


    The Buteyko Program is offered for individuals and groups in the beautiful village of MONTAGU, just two hours drive from Cape Town.

    Buteyko South Africa 5 day Asthma program runs for 1.5-2 hours per day over five consecutive days. Program fees are R3650 per person.

    Buteyko South Africa Intensive 3 day program runs for 2 hours per day over three consecutive days.
    Buteyko South Africa 3 day program fees are R2950 per person.

    One and half hour consultations to assist people who already have a basic understanding of the Buteyko Method and need some extra coaching:
    R1350 per person per session.

    By appointment only, please email to set up your sessions.

    Are you interested in a rewarding career in Buteyko? Buteyko South Africa offers training in the Buteyko Method. Please email us for more information.